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Crime spree reaches Kankakee

August 24, 2016—Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office

An uptick in crime in Chicagoland has reached Kankakee. These crimes include a number of armed robberies, motor vehicle thefts/burglaries, and residential burglaries throughout the greater Chicago area and statewide.

“Although it goes without saying, the best way of preventing these individuals from targeting our area is to simply lock your doors and be mindful of your surroundings,” said Kankakee County Sheriff Mike Downey.

An organized crime ring, most of which are affiliated with at least one gang, are targeting affluent suburban areas of Chicago in search for unsecured vehicle–mainly high-end luxurious cars that have push-to-start ignition devices with keys/key-fobs left in the vehicles. A majority of the crimes have occurred before dusk. The gang members have been known to carry weapons and use them against the police. Investigators from multiple local police departments have been working in conjunction with numerous local and regional law enforcement agencies to identify and stop this organized crime ring throughout the greater Chicago area.

“This particular crime ring has stolen cars from the Bradley area and has committed armed robberies in Manteno and Peotone, among others. Many of these offenders tend to be armed and have suggested their willingness to use firearms in multiple instances,” Downey said.

Nathan DiCamillo, News Editor

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