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Behind-The-Scenes Homecoming Look: Homecoming Court Nominee Shares Her Experience

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

The Homecoming season is upon us, which means it is time for the exciting Homecoming events! I wanted to give GlimmerGlass the inside scoop of what goes on behind-the-scenes of Olivet’s annual Homecoming coronation where I have had the privilege of being on the court alongside four other incredible women.

I am taking you along the journey of what the preparation is like the days before coronation night and presenting the people that make it so great.

“There’s more to this event than people know and think, it is definitely tedious and has a lot of details but it is worth it at the same time. The main thing with coronation preparation is coordinating and communicating with people. You are dealing with a lot of people with different roles within the event, whether that’s the flower shop where we get bouquets or the court themselves, their families, or people from Olivet,” Anna Richards, junior, Associated Student Council (ASC) Executive Officer for Events and Programming said.

Homecoming court nominees receive the royal treatment getting their nails done for the following day’s festivities. (Photo provided by Alyssa Franklin)

Richards is the brains of the event, making sure the court stays on task with deadlines and is up to date with information. She communicates items such as requests for the court to submit photos for coronation night, getting our parents contact information to be recorded for the parents’ portion and even to inform us that we will get our nails done on behalf of Olivet.

“This experience has been way better than I expected. Everyone has been sweet with how the school has been helping us in different areas, the communication has been wonderful and Anna Richards has been a blessing,” Jessica Kilbride senior, Homecoming Court participant Jessica Kilbride, said.

What many do not know is Olivet helps the court out for a portion of the costs that go into the wonderful ceremony.

“Olivet was really thoughtful and is helping us pay for a portion our outfits, jewelry and accessories. They have been really thoughtful in knowing that we aren’t rich college students and cared for us by being willing to help us pay for some of the costs of the event,” Maddi Morrison, senior, Homecoming Court participant, said.

It is not all about the nails and dress, though that is pretty important, the women on the court are appreciative of the love and support received throughout the entire process.

“It is an honor to be acknowledged with four other ladies who are kind and generous and selfless,” Sarai Guerrero, senior, Homecoming Court participant Sarai Guerrero.

“There has been so much love and support through this whole process of friends coming beside me to do my hair and makeup, family calling to just encourage me. It’s just been an honor and an enjoyable experience to hang out with people and see how much Olivet cares about their student body,” Morrison, said.

“It’s been great having my [Resident Assistant] (RA) team here to help me because I am not very good at dressing and being a girl and they’ve helped me coordinate my nail color, earrings, shoes, and everything. It’s been cool how everyone’s come together to help poor little Jessie,” Kilbride said.

Throughout the coronation, there is gratitude and appreciation for one another that you can feel throughout the process.

“There are people who have said, ‘I am going to coronation now that you’re in.’ You don’t realize the impact that you’ve made in your four years until something like this happens where everyone gets behind you and is so supportive. It’s just like, ‘Wow God you’re pretty cool,’” Kilbride said.

“It takes a lot of coordination, but it is exciting to see the Seniors get excited in this way and to be honored for everything they have been putting in the last four years is worth it. They are all so beautiful, you all are so beautiful,” Richards said.

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